Cyanotype Prints/Public Art-Mural Installation at Arts Council Of Indianapolis until December 2025

Syzygy demonstrates microscopic details of internal body parts intertwined with a major celestial event, the solar eclipse, exploring the profound impact of eclipses on human existence. The blue hues of the cyanotype prints refer to the eclipse's mystical quality, merging the personal and cosmic within the artwork. The term "Syzygy" refers to the alignment or straight-line configuration of three celestial bodies in a gravitational system, such as the Sun, Earth, and Moon. Additionally, "syzygy" can be more broadly used to refer to any alignment or conjunction of elements.

Beyond their astronomical significance, eclipses are believed to exert a powerful influence on us physically and mentally. The intense energies generated during these celestial alignments are thought to resonate with our inner selves, stirring emotions and influencing the course of our lives. "Syzygy" thus serves as a visual meditation on the interconnectedness of personal and cosmic energies, inviting viewers to contemplate the subtle yet transformative effects eclipses can have on our individual journeys.

For the Sidewalk Galleries Program, which reproduces Indianapolis-based visual artists’ works as vinyl murals around the city on storefronts, the cyanotype prints were digitized and installed as a triptych mural on the windows of the Arts Council Of Indianapolis in Indianapolis, Indiana. The mural will be showcased until December 2025.