Moving Atelier
Moving Atelier is an experimental art project I pursued between 2017 and 2018 before moving to United States. Inspired by traveling, wandering, searching and getting lost, I took such themes further which were already present in my works and invited one artist/s at a time on my journeys to collaborate with them. Using these voyage spaces as an atelier, we generated new ideas on the road and tried to create art within time and space limit of the traveling. Hopefully, this project will continue with other artists and destinations.

Moving Atelier Project 1 with Gurkan Mihci on Eastern Express-Traveled from Ankara to Kars/Turkey
Moving Atelier Project 2 with Neslihan Koyuncu in Kapadokya/Turkey
Moving Atelier Project 3 with Safak Catalbas and Elif Susler in Heybeliada/Turkey

Interview with Rana Kelleci (in Turkish)