Fragility Of Coexistence
Digital Video With Sound
8' 22''

Fragility of Coexistence is based on my fascination with a connecting branch that I encountered during the pandemic on one of my nature walks. Inspired by this scene where the branches of two adjacent trees are joined together to form a single unit embracing one another, I invited people to participate in my video work with their performances with a call on social media. Sending brief documentation of the scene as a video, I asked the participants to watch and perform it with their hands and arms with a loved one in front of a camera by improvising. This gesture of uniting, called inosculation in botanical science, was performed by guest figures. Resulting in a performative video, the movement of the arms reaching out toward one another created a collective dance. The video transformed the need for contact, to touch, which many of us crave during these times of separation, into poetic motion.