KASA Gallery, Istanbul/Turkey
24.01.2014 - 22.02.2014

Press Release

It's not easy to stand in my spot
I seem to sense the call of other spots
Yet could my standing-in-a-spot be called just that
When that spot I stand in will not standstill
 Özdemir Asaf, Electronic

Inspired by the poem Electronic by Ozdemir Asaf, I focus on  the conflicts of becoming through wandering and traveling in nature. Traveling does not just represent the physical act of moving from one location to another. It is a phase of self-search and contemplation. I juxtapose the fragments found on these journeys to create open-ended sentences.

The exhibition was designed according to the unique space of Kasa Gallery. It has three separate rooms connected with each other, like a tunnel, with no windows. The first room starts with “Notes,” where the viewer sees the fragments/flashbacks of travels and the poem’s pieces intervene. The second room, “Routes,” symbolizes the immersion in a journey in nature with city lights getting out of focus and sea waves become like routes. The last room, “Tours,” is a 14 channel video installation where fragments of my journeys are seen as loops and together repeating once every minute.

Notes-Acetate Prints

Routes(The Sea)-100x70 cm, Diasec Prints

Routes(The Lights)- 15 Archival Injket Prints, each 30x21 cm 

                            Tours-Video Installation
                            Sound Design by Emre Malikler