Online Mentorship/Workshops

Teaching is not simply presenting a predefined template; instead, it is an interactive, reciprocal process of extension of vision, the sophistication of knowledge, collaborative practice, creativity, and self-discovery. I see myself as a co thinker and a continuous learner, and that’s how I have been designing my course materials.

My artistic practice has evolved into many mediums, starting from image-making, which parallels my teaching methods. Based on my personal beliefs, interdisciplinary education, and socio-cultural background, my teaching technique has been shaped around the channeling of students toward potential experiences on multiple paths. I give importance to the ideation, research, and process more than the outcome.

My currently online workshops are designed as one-on-one Zoom sessions on visual arts, photography, and art&design teaching. You can also reach out to me to request a group session with friends or for your institution.

Reach me out at to book a session and to create a payment plan suitable for you.

Artistic Practice And The Self

One-On-One Session/Two Hours $200

Being an artist and making art can be a lonely process and it doesn’t have to be. The aim of this session is to deeply understand what your project/s is/are about and how it is connected to what you would like to continue doing as an artist. After looking at your portfolio or a specific project you would like to discuss, you will be assigned short writing exercises to work on your own. In our second session, we will discuss your answers and talk about aligning yourself and your passions in art with your practice.

Portfolio Review For MA/MFA Studio Art Programs

One-On-One Session/One Hour $100

This session is for anyone who would like to pursue a MA/MFA degree in Studio Art/Visual Arts and start preparing a portfolio for their application. Together we will look at your portfolio and think about it/organize it according to your application needs.

Sequencing and Narrative in Photography

One-On-One Session/One Hour $100

This one-hour session is designed to discuss your photographic series’ structure. It will help you find ways to improve your narrative in a preferred exhibiting method that you would like to use, such as an exhibition, a book, a zine, a website, or a portfolio.

Developing Studio Art+Design Courses

One-On-One Session/One Hour $100

Whether it is your first time teaching a studio art&design course or looking for someone to co-think your course structure, this session is for you! In this one-hour one-on-one session, we will look at your syllabus and the assignments you have in your mind for a specific course you are plannng to teach. We will brainstorm methods to make your lesson plan more interactive, diverse, and full filing for you and your students.