Carpe Noctem
Milli Reasurans Art Gallery, Istanbul/Turkey
28.11.2018 - 31.12.2018

Curated&Text by Rana Ozturk   
Exhibition Photography by Engin Gerçek

Meaning “seize the night” in Latin, Carpe Noctem is a call for celebration of the night and a suggestion to live the night as thoroughly as the day. My focus is to evoke the viewer's imagination in darkness while making time, place, and identity ambiguous and belonging to all. I see the night as a phase of becoming, inspired by the Goddess Nyx. In classical Greek narratives, she, the Night, is a figure of a transition between the day’s reality and the night’s otherworldliness. She is a symbol of fertility and becoming. Inspired by the expanding possibilities of nocturnality, I imagine the night as a place where one can experience the freedom to be her/himself, without any sense of belonging to anywhere or anyone.

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