Seeds, 2017.
Sound Performance

Performed and produced live at "Blow Up: Kavunu Gördüm(I Saw The Melon)" exhibition.

"Blow-Up: Kavunu Gördüm(I Saw The Melon)" was a performative group exhibition by Asli Narin, Didem Erk, Elif Susler, and Safak Catalbas between 20-23 April 2017 at SALT Galata, Istanbul, Turkey.
With these compositions, I aimed to create a collection of our ongoing production and sense-making through sound. Each day, while I was recording the sounds in the exhibition space, I was also collecting sound bits online according to the concept of the exhibition and interactions with the viewers. With this archive, the sound pieces were composed spontaneously in the exhibition space. They were not edited afterward.

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