Seeds, 2017.
Artist Book
Produced during the performative exhibition "Blow Up: I Saw The Melon".

“Seeds” was produced in four days during the performative group exhibition called “Blow Up: I Saw The Melon” in SALT Galata, Istanbul, Turkey. The exhibition was built around the myth of melon seeds. Melons were known among the earliest plants to be domesticated. We believe that melons have been recording our world from the ancient times. As a result, we decided to behave like it is a recording machine of everyday life.

Collecting images and texts, I was in charge of making an artist book which looks like a journey of a melon from past to the future. I used a Moleskine notebook with Japanese Binding to create an artist book which stands as an object as well. The images were collected from the artists in the exhibition and via the internet. The texts are from the visitors’ notes left on my desk and Safak Catalbas’s performances which happened during the show.