Play As A Form Of Resistance, 2021.
Site Specific Installation for “Past.Present.Istanbul” exhibition at Sakip Sabanci Museum.
8 concrete columns, hula hoops, timbers in different dimensions, chalk on plaster.

Exhibition Photography by Murat Germen

“Making a comparison between the recent past and the present day in Istanbul, the installation aims to discuss the need for spaces of play and idleness in urban planning. Inspired by the last 15 years of changes in Ataköy, where the artist spent her childhood, Aslı Narin considers the shift from a structure that allowed games and encounters in this district to an understanding where the safety of the gated communities is prioritized as one of the reflections of the urban transformation in Istanbul. Constant Nieuwenhuys's connections between play, creativity, dynamic cities and freedom also determine the artist's utopian intervention in Istanbul. The work, which strives to contribute to the organic structuring of the city by enabling its inhabitants to take a more active role in shaping Istanbul and to have fun while doing so, suggests that the right to spend time freely and idly should be considered as critical for everyone, not just children. “

absencexpresence, 2018.
Video and Audio&Visual Performance, 14.38'

Collaboration with Gurkan Mihci

“absencexpresence” focuses on Asli Narin’s and Gurkan Mihci’s 24-hour-experience on Eastern Express train journey, from Ankara to Kars. The artists took off with the intention of collaboration and art production. As Maurice Merleau-Ponty claims that the painter changes the world into paintings by lending his body to the world*, Asli Narin and Gurkan Mihci takes this phenomena to its maximum in their collaboration.

This one day self-held residency under the name of “Moving Atelier” which was a project found by Asli Narin and continued later on with other projects, questions the effects of constant motion and the limitation of time and space in art production. Lawrence Weschler aims this kind of production method “radical self limitation” and discusses its positive effects for new works for artists**. In this experimental situation, the train became both the studio and the material for the artists. By recording both sound and image constantly and separate from each other, the artists’ aim was to create a mutual/joint body of work of their experience of the train journey.

Seeds, 2017.
Sound Performance

Performed and produced live at "Blow Up: Kavunu Gördüm(I Saw The Melon)" exhibition.

"Blow-Up: Kavunu Gördüm(I Saw The Melon)" was a performative group exhibition by Asli Narin, Didem Erk, Elif Susler, and Safak Catalbas between 20-23 April 2017 at SALT Galata, Istanbul, Turkey.
With these compositions, I aimed to create a collection of our ongoing production and sense-making through sound. Each day, while I was recording the sounds in the exhibition space, I was also collecting sound bits online according to the concept of the exhibition and interactions with the viewers. With this archive, the sound pieces were composed spontaneously in the exhibition space. They were not edited afterward.

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Moving Atelier

Moving Atelier is an experimental art project I pursued between 2017 and 2018 before moving to United States. Inspired by traveling, wandering, searching and getting lost, I took such themes further which were already present in my works and invited one artist/s at a time on my journeys to collaborate with them. Using these voyage spaces as an atelier, we generated new ideas on the road and tried to create art within time and space limit of the traveling. Hopefully, this project will continue with other artists and destinations.

Moving Atelier Project 1 with Gurkan Mihci on Eastern Express-Traveled from Ankara to Kars/Turkey
Moving Atelier Project 2 with Neslihan Koyuncu in Kapadokya/Turkey
Moving Atelier Project 3 with Safak Catalbas and Elif Susler in Heybeliada/Turkey

Interview with Rana Kelleci (in Turkish)

All Things Under The Sun, 2016.
Cyanotype Prints for Greenpeace Rainbow Warrior Artist On Board Project.

This series is produced for Greenpeace Rainbow Warrior Artist On Board Project. For this residency, nine artists were invited to stay three days on board of Greenpeace’s famous ship called Rainbow Warrior regarding their campaign “Sail To The Sun” and were commisoned to create artworks inspired by the campaing. As the sun is the essential element in the discovery of photography, I worked with one of the early image-making techniques, cyanotype with the objects that I found on board.